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  • The Only Bed Liner That Truly Protects Your Trucks Paint!
    Did you know that bed liners actually cause damage to the trucks factory finish!

DualLiner Has Arrived!

DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

The DualLiner Truck Bed Protection system is the future of the truck bed liner. DualLiner's 5 piece interlocking design not only fits your truck perfectly, but with DualLiner's ZeroSkid mat is true truck and cargo protection.

Out Of 100 Bed Liners, Only One Works!

There are so many different bed liners to choose from these days. How are you supposed to figure out which one is best?

Bed Liner installation

The Dual Liner Bed Liner Provides Maximum Protection!

I can’t tell you every brand of “spray on” bed liner because there are so many, there are numerous “drop in” bed liner manufacturers, there is “carpet rug” bed liners, there is numerous “DIY” (Do It Yourself) bed liners, and there is even a “Hybrid” bed liner. I am not going to bore you with the history of each of the types of bed liners, but there is one of these bed liners that really demands your attention, the “Hybrid” bed liner. It was recently introduced to the truck world at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. This Bed liner really out performed the rest of the bed liners when it came to price, protection, installation, and durability. The Hybrid bed liner had the best warranty too, it is a lifetime warranty that covers comercial use and it is transferable to the next owner of the truck or bed liner. The Dual Liner offered the best paint protection, the best dent protection and it was the only bed liner we found that actually protected your cargo from damage. The Dual Liner uses two types of bed liner technology, first the sidewalls are made to fit tight to the sheet metal of your trucks box so it does not chaff, then the floor, It is a rubber type of floor mat. only this mat is like the old type of rubber mat on steroids. It is 3/8ths of an inch thick and composed of super soft rubber which will absorb the impact of even the most extreme cargo. The mat Uses Zero Skid Technology to keep your cargo where ever you put it. The bottom of there mat has rubber nubs that keep the mat up off the trucks bed which allows it to breath and allows the water to drain out the factory drain holes. As you can see you do not have to settle for a bed liner that will alter your truck forever. You don’t have to settle for a bed liner that will only look good for a few years. You don’t have to settle for a bed liner that will actually do more harm than good to your truck. It is pretty obvious which bed liner is going to truly protect your truck and its resale value.

I am not sure exactly how many bed liners are available, but I know it is a lot. There might be over one hundred brands of bed liners and they all, except the Dual Liner,  cause harm to your truck. Be sure to check out “The Only Bed Liner That Works!

If You Love Your Truck You Would………

If you truly love your truck than you most likely want to take good care of it.

There are several accessories to help your truck look and perform better. None of them are going to be as important to the future of your truck as a good bed liner. Consider this, if you had absolutely scratched, chaffed, and rubbed the paint off from the hood (this is just a hypothetical situation). How long do you think it would take for it to rust? How long before the rust would start growing larger? How would this effect the resale value?  How would this affect the trade in value, or even the lease turn in?

I would guaranty that it would not take very long for the rust to spread, especially on an unprotected surface. This would have a monumental effect on the value of the truck, most likely causing the value to be subtracted by a significant percentage.  Just because the damage is in such a visible location like on the hood really makes no difference in the value, it has the same effect as if you leave your trucks bed unprotected. For some reason when you look at it like that, it seems completely silly that you would just leave the trucks bed totally exposed to cargo and  the elements.

The problem you must watch out for is, not all bed liners actually work.  Some bed liners honestly cause more damage to your trucks bed than what it protects it from. Why would you waste the time and money to get one of these poor performing type of bed liners? You wouldn’t! When looking for a bed liner to go into your baby (your truck). You are going to want to look for a custom fit bed liner. One that is designed to fit only your specific year make and model of truck. Because the panels are exact fitting that means the panels will have no room to chaff against the paint  in the trucks box. The most popular custom bed liner that I have heard about is the “Hybrid” bed liner by Dual Liner. Their bed liner system is a 5 piece component set. It has 2 side walls, a load guard protector, and a tail gate protector that is made from polyethylene, one of the strongest  materials that exists.  The Zero Skid Bed Mat is the thickest in the industry and like the sidewalls will hold up to even a devastating blow from the most extreme of cargo.

Don’t Settle For A Damaging Bed Liner!

Nevada is the home of many truck owners, and each of these truck owners intend on using their truck in numerous different ways. Until recently truck owners really had to dissect and predict the exact nature of the intended uses, in order to effectively protect their truck against damage. No matter if you purchased a new truck or a used one, the importance of a bed liner becomes very obvious, very quickly. Continue reading to find out, which bed liner is the best for your truck!

problems with a bed liner

The Swiss Cheese Truck Bed!

Today’s truck owner is quite a bit different than they used to be, now they are very knowledgeable, and very resourceful. This make the typical bed liners of yesterday incredibly unattractive. The “Drop In” bed liners are known to potentially cause unrepairable damage to the trucks finish, because they are loose fitting. This allows dirt and debris to collect underneath the bed liner and it also allows the bed liner to shift back and forth in the trucks box. Eventually the combination of these two issues, will have disastrous consequences to your truck bed. First the trucks protective finish will be wore off, leaving bare exposed metal. Once you add water you will end up with rust. Then this layer of rust will be wore off by the shifting bed liner, in the end you will end up with holes in your trucks bed. A truck bed that looks like Swiss cheese is not only structurally not sound it also looks awful and it makes it hard to haul anything.

The process of installing a “Spray On” bed liner has become more well known too. It seems kind of silly to grind up a trucks finish in order to protect it. Not only is this bed liner the most expensive, it also provides the least amount of dent protection. Another factor that truck owners need to consider today is the average length of ownership, as it is at record levels with no signs of lowering. “Spray On” bed liners are not warrantied against fading which is reported to be a common problem.

Thanks to many technological advances in manufacturing technology Dual Liner Bed Liner Systems has created a bed liner that will not cause any harm to your trucks finish. Many truck owners only know about the previous mentioned types of bed liners. In an effort to educate the general population Dual Liner has discounted the rate of the Dual Liner Bed Liner and decided to also cover the shipping charges as well. Dual Liner is so confident in there product that they know as soon as a consumer gets one they are going to love it. This level of happiness in the Dual Liner product will eventually spread far and wide by word of mouth.

Dual Liners unique use of Dual Technologies provides unparallelled protection.